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What People Say

Floor Master replaced the carpet flooring with new resilient sheet flooring at 7 & 11 Arleta and 291 George Street, both in Toronto.

The work was performed expeditiously with a minimum of disruption to the normal tenant activities. The Projects were completed on time, as per schedule and with excellent workmanship. We look forward to future projects with Floor Master.

Denis G. Rioux, OAA, OAQ, MRAIC

Principal Architect

Onespace Unlimited inc – architecture + interior design

December 9, 2014

Susan Speigel Architects Inc. worked with Floor Master during Tender 2 of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s (TCHC) Flooring Replacement Program, which took place between April and October of 2013. Under the tender, Floor Master installed approximately 28,400 square feet of resilient flooring and 9,100 linear feet of Flashcove base at five TCHC buildings, two of which were high-rise buildings.Based on our experience working with Floor Master, we have found that they are a high quality and prompt installer that strives to meet deadlines. Their installations at all TCHC sites passed review by the client, site staff, flooring manufacturer and ourselves without any issues.

Beyond the flooring installation, they were able to meet site requests and subcontract work in order to resolve any and all site conditions that came up during the construction process. This included subcontracting of an asbestos remediation contractor on one site.

In terms of communications, Floor Master made sure to respond promptly to any questions or requests and to provide information in a timely manner when required.

Susan Speigel Architects Inc. was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and high quality work that Floor Master was able to achieve during the TCHC Flooring Replacement Program.

Susan Speigel, Principal, B.A., B.ARCH, OAA, MRAIC, Phone 416 656 2244

Susan Speigel Architect Inc.,

299 Rushton Road, Toronto, ON – M6C 2X8

It is with gratitude that I provide you with this reference for your Company. We have worked together for the last two years successful completely the removal of carpet from high-rise corridors and the installation of marmoleum flooring product.

I found your pricing to be very market comparable with other flooring companies. Your staff has a very knowledgeable and well trained with Forbo products. You and your staff were well mannered with the Residents as all the work was completed in high-rise corridors with Resident traffic.

Your professionalism and managing your jobs has made it a pleasure to work with Floor Master Inc. If you need any more information please call me at 416 896 2720

Joe Merchand

Housing Services Inc.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

I have been using Floor Master to supply various materials including post formed counter tops and vinyl floors. They have been courteous, dependable and timely and I am happy to be doing business with them.I would highly recommend them for future contracts.If any more information is needed please call me at 416 891 5940

John D. Harvey

Facilities Management Division

City of Toronto

Floor Master Incorporated performed a carpet tile replacement project at the Ajax Community Center and Village Community Centre in 2011. On both projects, Floor Master performed their work safely and efficiently in the timeframe allotted for this installation. Additionally, the project manager for Floor master provided excellent communication and expedited the jobs effectively. I would have no problem contracting Floor Master Inc. for future flooring installation works in the Town of Ajax. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Tim Murphy, Tel. 905 619 2529 ext 4209

Project Supervisor, Operations and Environmental Services

The Town of Ajax

I am writing to endorse and recommend Floor Master Incorporated as a supplier and installer of flooring. Floor Master has undertaken a number flooring replacement projects throughout the Ontario Science Centre in the past two years. On all those projects, Floor Master performed the work in a professional manner, safely and efficiently within the scheduled timeframe.

The Floor Master staff is knowledgeable and well trained. They were well mannered and able to adapt to our needs, respecting Ontario Science Centre visitors’ and staff needs as all the work was completed while the Centre was open to the public. Additionally, the project manager for Floor Master was exceptional. He listened to what we wanted providing excellent results both through his communication skills and ability to expedite the jobs effectively.

I would have no hesitation in contracting Floor Master Inc. for future flooring work in the Ontario Science Centre. Their professionalism and management of the project has made it a pleasure to work with Floor Master Inc.

Feel free to contact me directly at 416 676 9402 if you have any questions.

Nicholas Yarish

Project Manager, Facility Operations & Services

Ontario Science Centre

It is with gratitude that I give this reference for Floor Master Inc. I have had the privilege of working with Floor Master for more than 5 years both on a large scale of multiple units of suite carpet replacement per year and on an individual suite carpet turnover basis. I have always found Floor Master to be reliable, fairly priced, flexible and knowledgeable. Any concerns or issues that have come up have always been promptly addressed.

Your professionalism and keeping on top of the job has made this on-going relationship a real pleasure and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Floor Master Inc.

I trust that you will find all in order. If you need anything else, please call me at 416 510 0227

Fran van Leeuwen

General Manager

ALMISE Co-operative Homes Inc.

We have been dealing with Floor Master for about 5 years now and I am happy to confirm that their prices are very competitive, their workers are efficient and the tile and vinyl installers in particular do an excellent and accurate job. We hope to continue our business relationship for a long time to come.

Terry Tonkovich

Executive Director. Tel: 905-820-0573

Ivan Franko Home

Floor Master has been contracted at Perth Co-op to replace the carpeting in the hallways and also empty units when needed. We find them very professional. They worked well with our schedule, and did not disturb the members while working. They have good prices and good quality carpet. They were very helpful in picking the proper carpet and colors.

We would recommend them and we will continue to use Floor Master.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – Tel. 416 588 6810

Carmela Grouse


Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative

I am honored to have this opportunity to provide a reference for Floor Master Inc. The Rexdale Presbyterian Senior Citizens Corporation is a private, non-profit housing provider located in northwest Toronto and is the owner and managers of an eleven floor complex comprised of 194 apartments for senior citizens, a church and various offices and meeting rooms. The corporation has used Floor Master Inc. for all its carpeting, tiling and flooring projects in the hallways, apartments and meeting rooms for over a decade.

Floor Master Inc’s costs are reasonable and all our projects have been handled promptly, professionally and thoroughly.

From when we first met until present, they have consistently been available to show product or to discuss and schedule projects. They seen that all projects are confirmed in writing through quotes, his installers understand their responsibilities and, that Floor Master Inc’s and our bookkeeping is current.

I definitely and without hesitation recommend Floor Master Inc. Should anyone wish to speak with me, please advise I am available Tuesday to Fridays. 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at (416) 745-2891.

(Mrs.) Nancy McDowall


Rexdale Presbyterian Senior Citizens Corporation

We would like to take this opportunity to give our customer feed-back to let you know how pleased the Co-op is with the work of Floor Master.

We are especially impressed with the way the work is consistently carried out. There is a huge potential for disrupting the lives of our members when considering that the furniture needs to be moved and people do not have access to their homes. Disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and the work site is kept clean and safe. We also find it very important that your workman were always considerate of our members and go out of their way to be helpful whenever possible.

We would be truly pleased to be able to recommend your company and are looking forward to continuing working with you in the future

Beata Bokrossy

Community Coordinator, Tel. 905 272 1052

Briarview Co-operative Homes Inc.

This is to confirm that the above named company has been doing business for Operating Engineers Local 793 NPHL Inc. for the past several years. We are very happy with the service and the product this company provides and it is a pleasure doing business with Floor Master Inc.

If any additional information is required do not hesitate to contact me at 416 449 8507.

Jagoda Heilman

Property Manager

Operation Engineers Local 793 Non-Profit Housing Inc.

I have been working with Floor Master for the past several years and have found him to be very reliable, obliging, flexible and always does his best to meet our needs. Their employees and carpet installers are good timekeepers, trustworthy and very responsible which of course is very satisfying for a manager looking after member’s property.

I do not hesitate to recommend Floor Master and the employees of this company and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Brenda Bosisto

Tel. 905 459 4322

By-De-Molen Co-operative Homes